As seen on Season 5 of Toddlers & Tiaras-
All Around the World Pageant.
AGJ 2014 National Paperwork is now ready! You have 3 Earlybirds to grab the most savings!

AGJ NATIONALS awarded 2 carnival cruise gift cards! Our Cruise winners DO SAIL!! On their OWN cruise - when they want- to where they want!
Congratulations Sarit- Ultimate winner and
Lilly Ann- Showdown Winner
It was a fun and competitive weekend. Red team was in the lead, however, Blue team pull it out at the last minute with all those bonus 10 pts wins for high titles.
Photo Contest
2013 National Royalty
Did you hear about how much FUN AGJ Nationals was? Ask any of our contestants about our Red/Blue competition or our 1st annual CRUISE SHOWDOWN event!
June 13-15 2014
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